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Picturebook is an app to illustrate, write, and share your own stories.
It's free for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod.


Be your own children's book author

Creating stories is as easy as sticking pictures on a page.


Choose from a constantly updating library of cute images

With themes from Pirates, to Farm Animals, to School, and Cinderella, you can let your imagination run wild. Custom illustrations with a paper texture give everything a beautifully hand-crafted look.

alpaca   tractor   cinderella


Reading is educational and fun

Flip through the realistic pages of your own book and delight in the interactive images. Share your favorites with family and friends when you're done.


Features v1.2


Picturebook is great for kids, parents, cousins, and ninjas.



Get Picturebook for free today!


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Get Picturebook for free!



September 30, 2011
We're launching version 1.2 today! This introduces story creation to the iPhone, along with expanding native language support to include 中文, 日本語, 한국, Deutsch, Español, & Français. A new toddler lock will prevent purchase mishaps.



"With hardly any learning curve, the Picturebook app allows children (okay, and their moms) to easily create and share their own self-authored books"
Cool Mom Tech

"It gets even better when you start playing with the pictures--each image can be enlarged, minimized, layered, and twisted until you get the perfect picture to illustrate your book."
go graham go!

"It’s designed so that even young children who do not know how to read or write can use Picturebook as a digital sticker book."

"I tested it with my 9-year-old daughter and the app was a big hit ... It's easy enough for kids to use and can be fun for parents who want to create a book for their child to read."

"The app comes with four cute already-completed books ... One of them is called "The Very Lonely Fish Bowl," which I liked more than many of the ebooks I have tried."
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